Guardianship Packages (Standard, Premium and Light)



  • 24 hours on call emergency service (during term time, exeats and half terms) for schools, pupils, parents and homestay families
  • Emergency medical sickness arrangements
  • School suspension or expulsion arrangements


  • Finding an approved Homestay family for a child
  • Ensuring suitable checks are performed on the Homestay family, including DBS check
  • Regular monitoring of the student whilst in the care of the host family
  • Ensuring the host families are monitored and have all the necessary paperwork from us


  • Transport arrangements to and from our Homestay family (exeats, half terms and end of term or as necessary)
  • Airport transfer arrangements (exeats, half terms and end of term during school holidays)
  • Ticket booking – planes, trains and coach as required


  • Regular liaison with the school and the parents
  • Personal advice and support for the child
  • Visiting the child at school


  • Mobile phone top-ups or SIM card purchases
  • Purchasing of school uniform


Premium Package: £1200 per term
Standard Package: £ 850 per term
Light Package per term: £ 350

Light Package

Includes signing the school’s Guardianship agreement and communications with the student, parents and school over the phone and email. In an emergency we will assist your child as needed (at additional cost).

Premium Package

Recommended for students under 13 who have not studied in the UK before.
Includes all the services in Standard package Plus:
  • Contact with student: at least weekly
  • 2 student visits per year
  • Additional help settling into school/life in the UK
  • Academic performance monitoring
  • Soft skills mentoring (non-academic skills)
  • Arrangement of private tutoring lessons
  • Consultations with school teachers / Housemaster/Tutor with translating and explaining to parents

Extra Costs

There is an initial non-refundable registration fee of £170.
A Guardianship Deposit of £1,000 – £1,500 will be required to pay optional extra costs. Top-up will be required once the deposit falls below £300.
Extra costs will be billed for the following services from the Student Expenses deposit:
  • Host family accommodation during exeats and half terms.
  • Attendance to school parents’ evenings, if requested by parents.
  • Extra visits to the school or host family, if requested by parents.
  • Airport transfers
  • Arrangements of purchase of school or sports uniforms, sim cards and birthday celebrations.
  • Travel expenses for school visits are subject to a 55 pence fuel allowance charge.
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